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A short history of the development of our showjumps and other equestrian products


Whitakers Equestrian Products are now known world wide for their plastic showjumps and schooling fences.  The company was founded in the late 1980s, originally with just the 'Plastic Safety Jump Cup'. This jump cup was specifically designed from a safety point of view, manufactured to the BSJA specification with no sharp edges. The success of this product lead to the development of plastic poles and a range of plastic jump blocks - the famous Polyblocks. The company now produces a wide range of horse jumps under the PolyJumps® brand name, from their best selling Multi-Jump, which as its name suggests can provide a multitude of height and style permutations, to the more recent 'traditional style' showjumps that have all the characteristics of wooden showjumps, but with zero maintenance.

horse jumps


Polyblocks Showjumps

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At first users were sceptical about the plastic in terms of durability. However, innovations in plastic polymers now provide us with materials which are UV stabilised, strong, durable, rot proof, shatter proof, weather resistant and therefore the jumps are long lasting and most importantly are maintenance free, eliminating the need to repaint.

Plastic showjumps have rapidly taken off and are second nature to a wide range of horse owners. The PolyJumps® range is continuously developing to cater for everyone's requirements and includes many traditional designs. PolyJumps® have been specifically designed with the safety of horse and rider in mind and have no sharp edges or metal feet. Wings and poles come in various weights to suit everyone's needs and the product range offers something for all levels whether novice or advanced horses and riders.

traditional show jumps

'Traditional' Horse Jumps

Whitakers now stock more than show jumps.  We are always on the lookout for practical ideas to assist owners in caring for their horses and we now sell a number of feeders and automatic drinkers.  We also have non-rusting wheelbarrows to help with mucking out and our extremely popular liquid rubber flooring, which has all the characteristics of matting but is seamless, so moisture does not run through.  

Our product range is always expanding with practical solutions for both horse and rider. Everyone who works for the company has a passion for horses and the product range - and feedback from staff and customers is welcomed and encouraged.  Visitors are also welcome at our factory showroom near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

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